Friday, November 27, 2009

With local wheat and a grinder how can you lose?

It has been quite an adventure trying to find wheat on this island. The local organic store brought in bags but very expensive. We had thought non-organic would be cheaper but there just isn't a supplier that I could find in Canada, so organic it is. I even tried the feed stores to see if they could get food-grade wheat, but that ended no where, until one of them told me of a farmer in Metchosin who grows wheat! Calling Tom Henry was a great thing. Not only did he have wheat for sale but his brother in law lives in Duncan and would deliver it.

Tuesday this week, my lovely 20kg of hard red wheat arrived in its thick plastic bucket. Now Tom says that its protein content is only around 11% which is less than prairie hard red....I will have to do some research to see what to expect from that.

So then the only task left was to order the whispermill so that we can grind our berries into flour. Found a Canadian supplier who had free shipping and the new toy should be here next week. I can hardly wait. I just remember Joanne's fresh ground wheat buns, how light and delicious they were!

Our WonderMill arrived shortly after the wheat and we have been grinding wheat to feed my sourdough starter and this weekend we are planning a baking marathon. I can just taste the bread now.