Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Staff of Life

Modern sufficiency combines the desire to provide excellent healthy food for ourselves and our family while managing costs. When Gerry and I visited his sister up north, we were both very impresed by her Whispermill grain mill and the fantastic buns she made out of the freshly milled flour. I knew then I wanted one but the key to this desire was finding a supplier of wheat.

I guess we could buy those little bags from the health food store but I am really opposed to paying 5x the cost for this wheat than I would pay for regular flour from the supermarket. Flour is one of our economic indicators -last year we watched its price soar from $4 for 10kg to almost $12. Luckily, long before it hit that price, we had stockpiled several bags (storing it in our cold storage basement) in preparation for more volatility in the food markets. (Rice and sugar also experienced this inflation but those will be discussed in future posts).

So we have been hunting for a supplier of wheat to grind for our own flour for about a year. Surprisingly today I think we found one--the local feed store! The manager there said our order would likely be no problem and that last year he could get sacks of this staff of life for the same price as supermarket flour.

I am in HEAVEN. As soon as we find out next week that the wheat is available, I will order the mill. Gerry will be able to bake his fabulous bread with flour so fresh that is rises twice the height of his previous attempts. All that bran and flavour really pairs nicely with our small pots of shiny sweet goodness that we took the time to create last sumer... once our jelly hits that bread, it all will be clear--this is why we practice modern sufficiency.